Haywards Heath

The garden consisted of a sloping lawn with a steep rockery running along its width and a very overgrown and uneven higher level. A small pond, also overgrow, lay at the left hand end of the rockery with a flight of concrete steps at the right. The client wanted to flatten the lawn and reduce the height of the upper level.

To make the garden more interesting, and to incorporate his interest in trains, I designed a curving railway sleeper path leading to a flight of sleeper steps placed centrally in the re-graded rockery leading to the upper level. A low wall was constructed at the front of the lawn so the removed spoil from the top could be used to even it out. A new butyl lined pond and stone cascade were installed, as was a split chestnut fence at the top of the rockery and a timber pergola with seat, facing south.

Additional images © by Tim Sanderson